Download Managers, Download Issues

I highly recommend using a download manager/accelerator for your downloads here on and our other websites.

EagleGet Download Manager: setup.exe

I’ve had the most luck with EagleGet.  It doesn’t install any adware, it doesn’t ask you to purchase after 30 days, and it integrates automatically into Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

I recommend NOT using Internet Explorer for browsing any site, especially ours.

Once you install EagleGet restart your browser, then next time you login to our website and click on a download, you should be prompted by EagleGet to download instead of within the browser itself.  This should make your downloads more reliable and faster.

You should also be aware that using a cellphone or a mobile/4g internet connection for downloads is not reliable.  Though with many phones and many mobile connections our downloads will work, for maximum reliability you should use a Windows PC and a real internet connection.